Regular Smog Tests Can Save You Money (And Extend Your Vehicle’s Life)

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Regular Smog Tests Can Save You Money (And Extend Your Vehicle’s Life)

Smog tests, such as those required by the State of California’s Smog Check Program, aren’t just for meeting certain environmental and health hazard laws. Instead, a smog test, a smog inspection, and emissions testing as a whole can save you money and extend your vehicle’s life.

They Can Proactively Address Issues 

In attempting to pass a smog inspection or any sort of emissions testing procedure, you’re advised to follow certain tips, which can consist of:

  • Regularly changing your air filter
  • Changing your engine oil, oil filter, and fuel filter on a scheduled basis
  • Having a tire alignment and wheel balance performed when needed
  • Making sure that your tires are inflated to normal levels
  • Getting your vehicle serviced when necessary

Simply by following these tips, you’ll be making sure that your vehicle is in optimal condition. Not only do you have a far greater chance of passing a smog test, but you’ll also lessen the chances of vehicle breakdowns or unexpected malfunctions occurring. This can save you a great deal of money in repairs, towing fees, and so forth. 

STAR Stations Can Help At-Risk Vehicles

In the State of California, the STAR Program was created by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) in order to improve the smog check stations around the state. As a result, vehicles that have failed a smog check or any sort of emissions testing in the past have to be inspected at a STAR station, which adheres to high standards set by BAR. 

Some STAR stations are capable of not only performing emissions testing and other various smog tests, but also are fully-licensed by BAR to conduct repairs. These repairs are usually conducted at a fair rate and can save you money in comparison to the prices that you’d be charged elsewhere.

If your vehicle passes smog tests, this alone means that your vehicle is not in danger from many of the mechanical issues that can lead to a breakdown and unexpected payments. By being proactive and using STAR stations when necessary, you’ll save in more ways than one!